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The premier manufacturer of state of the art hollow concrete rocks, boulders, waterfalls, rock panels and solid stepping stones

CR 61The term "Carapace,"  is defined as follows:

Carapace, pronounced kār'-uh-pās', Noun. Zoology:

"A hard bony thick shell or shield, such as the fused dorsal plates of a turtle, or the portion of the exoskeleton covering the head and thorax of a crustacean such as a crab, shrimp or lobster.

In casual vernacular, the referral to any hard hollow shell or covering."

Carapace Rock Science is located in sunny South Florida.  We primarily service Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties, although we supply our products at the dealer level to other national and international markets.

CR 70Carapace boulders and rocks are often referred to as artificial, fake, faux, man-made, fabricated, manufactured or hand crafted. Although end users describe them differently, the common thread is that they are hollow lightweight boulders, rocks and other rock products made from pigmented fiber reinforced concrete (FRC).  They are lightweight in the sense that they are approximately 90% lighter than a natural rock or boulder of the same size, yet they are very strong. The actual weight savings increases as the boulders get bigger since volume increases exponentially with an increase in size.  This makes larger faux boulders increasingly more appealing as size increases, due to the weight savings.  As an example, even our largest boulder, the CR82 (44" x 41" x 24"), is easily lifted by two men.  A "short" version of this boulder is showcased below, in Canyon Grey, with three other boulders (CR42, CR70 and CR75 from the left).  It is sitting on a standard pallet in the background.


Canyon Gray Group   Custom Pool

Contrary to the above terms, Carapace boulders and rocks do not look artificial, fake, faux, man-made, fabricated or manufactured.  They are not made of fiberglass, plastic, resin, stucco over lath or foam, or other environmentally unstable material.  Due to the use of pigmented FRC with the color pigments embedded completely throughout the cross section of the product, they are color stable even in the most extreme conditions, and they age like natural rock products.  However, they are much less susceptible to mold and mildew growth compared to other more porous types of natural rock.  Once used in a landscape, xeriscape, hardscape or waterscape application, they are nearly indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.


CR 56Carapace rock products can be used in a variety of landscape, xeriscape, hardscape and waterscape applications. Boulders and rocks are used for landscape accent and design, soil retention, waterfall construction, swimming pool aesthetics (placed on and around the beam for a lagoon effect) and well/stump concealment. They can be easily moved but stay put once placed.  They are often used to separate and accent areas of landscaping, allowing for natural yet controlled growth of different plant varieties.

Rocks, boulders and stepping stones assist in xeriscape applications and are often a valuable tool in reducing water usage as much smaller irrigation plots can be created and maintained.  With 18 shapes and sizes, the ability to order all of these at any desired height, and the ability to rotate them to showcase different sides, they can easily be used in xeriscape, hardscape and waterscape applications without being redundant.


SS 05Carapace stepping stones make excellent freeform walkways.  With 17 different stepping stone shapes, a beautiful walkway can be created that does not look repetitive, engineered or mundane, as is the case with traditional stepping stones. With just a little imagination, any size or shape of open space can be paved.  Simply fill the joints with mulch, gravel, rocks or grasses (such as Bermuda, dwarf mondo or any other short groundcover) and a classy walkway or patio is easily created. Stepping stones can also be used as border edging to separate and accent plant beds with different watering needs, or to control prolific breeders.  They are also used as wall coverings, fireplace veneers, etc.

Carapace rock panels or waterfall panels are used by professional waterfall designers and other industry professionals, primarily in the creation of large custom waterfalls, grottos, retaining wall veneers and other similar applications.  The panels are molded from exposed Colorado Rockies granite faces. They vary in size and shape, but are all approximately 3' x 4' panels showcasing natural granite texture and reliefs.  The texture is three-dimensional, but the panels are generally flat, allowing the custom creation of very large rock structures.


Walkway              Planter 2


Carapace Rock Science sells its products retail and wholesale at prominent nurseries, home and garden centers and other retail centers that focus on landscape supplies.  Please go to our Distributors page to find a location nearest to you.

If you are an owner or agent of a business that sells landscape supplies retail and/or wholesale, we would love to have you join our successful team of distributors.  Carapace understands that customer service and satisfaction is the most important aspect of any service related business, and we will assist you in any way that we can.

Carapace Rock Science also sells directly to professional trades who are in need of large quantities of our products.  Some examples are developers and builders, general contractors, pool contractors, landscape architects, waterfall artisans and other professional trades.  If you are a business owner or agent in this category, just click on Buy Direct and we will qualify you for volume purchase.

WF1The Carapace method of rock molding and manufacturing is an efficient one of a kind system previously unheard of in the industry. Decades of experience in the industry has culminated into the most advanced method of production available today. This state of the art molding and production is a marriage of our extensive experience in the traditional methods and the best materials and techniques that modern technology has to offer.  The Carapace method of manufacturing has resulted in a level of quality and detail throughout the product line that has to be experienced to be believed.  And, as technology continues to evolve, Carapace Rock Science will continue to operate on the cutting edge, leading the way by incorporating advances in all aspects of this industry, whether it be mold making, production, environmental responsibility, employee safety, inventory control, efficiency, packaging or delivery.

CR 55All Carapace rock, boulder, stepping stone and waterfall / rock panel molds are taken directly from natural stones, boulders and rock faces. They are manufactured out of pigmented fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) making them extremely durable, very strong and color stable. An important feature of Carapace products is that the base color pigment is embedded completely throughout the cross section of the product.  This maintains a natural appearance in the event that a heavy object impacts the surface and creates a chip or scrape. With Carapace products, you will not see a flaking of layers revealing other colors or materials.  Due to the composition of FRC, Carapace products are very durable and structurally sound.   Standard maintenance equipment such as line trimmers, lawn mower wheels, etc. will not cause damage to our products, as the average thickness of hollow products is approximately one inch.  In addition, a variety of colors are available to match most needs. Custom colors are also available upon request.


SS 10

Carapace Rock Science offer the end user a variety of rock products that are extremely realistic, durable, fade resistant, strong and light.  They will never look artificial, fake, faux, man-made, fabricated, manufactured or hand crafted. Once installed, they will age very similarly to natural stone products, making them nearly indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, and they will last for decades.


If you demand a natural look and superior quality, there is only one choice:

 Carapace Rock Science

The premier manufacturer of state of the art hollow concrete rocks boulders waterfalls rock panels and solid stepping stones


A variety of custom colors are regularly produced.  A few of the more popular colors are showcased throughout the site.  Many other choices are available, and we regularly create custom colors to meet specific customer requirements.


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