Carapace boulders and rocks are often referred to as artificial, fake, faux, man-made, fabricated, manufactured or hand crafted. Although end users describe them differently, the common thread is that they are hollow lightweight boulders, rocks and other rock products made from pigmented fiber reinforced concrete (FRC).  They are lightweight in the sense that they are approximately 90% lighter than a natural rock or boulder of the same size, yet they are very strong.  The actual weight savings increases as the boulders get bigger since volume increases exponentially with an increase in size.  This makes larger faux boulders increasingly more appealing as size increases, due to the weight savings.  As an example, even our largest boulder (below), the CR82 (44" x 41" x 24"), can be easily lifted by two men.

Above: CR82 (Large, 44" x 42" x 24")  This boulder is often ordered as a short "ledge rock" boulder, approximately 16" high.  This short rock is showcased in Canyon Grey with three other rocks, in the top photo banner of this site.  The other rocks are the CR42, CR70 and CR75, left to right, with the CR82.5 (.5 designating a short rock) in the background.

Above: CR06 (Small, 23" x 13" x 5")




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Carapace rock products can be used in a variety of landscape, xeriscape, hardscape and waterscape applications. Boulders and rocks are used for landscape accent and design, soil retention, waterfall construction, swimming pool aesthetics (placed on and around the beam for a lagoon effect) and well/stump concealment. They can be easily moved but stay put once placed.  They are often used to separate and accent areas of landscaping, allowing for natural yet controlled growth of different plant varieties. Rocks, boulders and stepping stones assist in xeriscape applications and are often a valuable tool in reducing water usage as much smaller irrigation plots can be created and maintained.  With 18 shapes and sizes, the ability to order all of these at any height desired, and the ability to rotate them to showcase different sides, they can easily be used in xeriscape, hardscape and waterscape applications without being redundant.


A variety of custom colors are regularly produced.  A few of the more popular colors are showcased throughout the site.  Many other choices are available, and we regularly create custom colors to meet specific customer requirements.


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