Garden Gnome Skull Assorted (7.5″x4.5″x5.5″)



Garden Gnome Skull, full size, in various colors.  Named by one of our best customers- Thanks Kevin!

This unique concrete item was created and molded to use up leftover concrete after production runs.  It is oriented to gaze out horizontally; the short version looks up.  All specialty items are used for this purpose, but they have taken on a live of their own.  Many customers purchase these and paint them to make unique conversation pieces for succulent gardens, surprises in a pond or water feature (it fits perfectly in the hollow of the CR56, and easily in the CR30 water feature) etc.

Add black or red to the eyes and nose, or customize it any way that you like!  However, Voodoo rituals are not encouraged or endorsed by Carapace Rock Science, Inc.