Carapace Products

The Carapace molding and manufacturing process is proprietary.  The result is a stunningly realistic look with impeccable quality and durability.  All concrete pigments used in our products are naturally derived.  Pigments are mixed into the concrete so that the color goes all the way through the cross-section of the products.  If an item is chipped, color is visible under the surface, the same as with a real rock.  This proprietary process creates a realistic, rich and warm tone, with excellent color stability.  In addition, the smallest details are captured for unmatched realism.  Products age beautifully, and are very stable to the elements.  The realism and details can only be truly appreciated in person.

Hollow items (rocks and water features) have a uniform thickness, providing exceptional strength and durability.  On average, hollow items are ½” to 1” thick, depending on the size of the item, making them much lighter than the original.  More weight is saved as the rock gets bigger.  This is because a small increase in overall size significantly increases volume, giving a larger hollow rock a much greater reduction in weight compared to a smaller hollow rock.  This allows for the largest rocks to be moved by two fit adults.

Stepping Stones are all molded directly from natural rock faces.  We are the only manufacturer that we know that exclusively uses natural rock faces for their stepping stones.  A perfect example is the SS04 stepping stone.  Place it on the hollow bottom of the CR10 rock, and you will notice that it is a perfect fit!  This rock was molded prior to the stepping stone.  An observant and talented staff member noticed that the bottom of that rock would make a perfect stepping stone.  It was then molded, and added to our inventory.  The result of using natural rock face molds is a stunningly realistic pathway or free-form patio, which reduces quarrying for these products for your landscape design.  Now, that’s Earth friendly!  Buy our products by visiting one of our Distributors today!